Industry folks: Thanks for checking out my site! I moved to LA a handful-and-a-half years ago to transition from stand-up comedy to working in television. When I first moved to L.A. I thought I could do anything (don’t we all?). I had all the same ideas, “Why don’t I create a v-log about making it!” (I never did go through with that, don’t worry) and other painful ideas that allowed me to work through how green I was. Alas, hitting my eighth year here, I can say I have hit that mature stride with my work. I am a comic with something to say. While I have not made it into a writers room as of this date, I am largely just getting my name out after a decade of seasoning and work touring as a professional stand-up comedian. I have developed original concepts ( that landed me signed as hip pocket client at CAA. I just sold my first film to a production company. I recently recorded a stand-up comedy special with Seed&Spark as one of comedy’s six rising stars in Los Angeles, and landed my first interview on NPR’s The Frame. I can say that I am fully positioned to contribute your room and project.

Thanks for scurrying around, and for your time. I know how valuable it is. And if you are an assistant, a hearty shout-out to you too. I see you workin’.

All My Best,

Lianna Carrera

P.S. I have an industry-only link to my recent stand-up comedy special which grants you access without having to pay, so please email me at to receive that info. In addition, please email me to get on access lists to future shows. Many thanks!